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KTM and Husqvarna TPI’s are fantastic bikes, but unfortunately, the engine will not run if the battery is dead, for example, if you’re out riding and the battery dies, you’ll be pushing it home.

The Battery Less Starter Capacitor Kit can be used with KTM and Husqvarna TPI 2-strokes and allows the bike to start and run when the battery is dead.

Compatible: 2018 – 2019 – 2020 KTM TPI – XC & EXC and Husqvarna TPI – TE/TX

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If the battery has died the electric start will not work even with the BLS installed, to start the engine with the BLS installed it must be kicked or Bump/ Hill started.

The PreCharge harness allows a connection of a 9V battery (not included) to Precharge the BLS Capacitor and allows a more consistent kick starting. A diode is used in the harness to protect the 9V battery the engine is running. It is recommended that a new 9V battery is kept in your backpack, or airbox and connected if the motorcycle battery dies and kickstarting is required.

The PreCharge Harness is not required for TPI motorcycles that do not have a Kickstarter fitted (and can be hill/bump started easily without the PreCharge Harness.

The BLS Capacitor kit includes a capacitor assembly (50V, 105degC rated capacitor, dipped to weatherproof, with wiring and 6mm terminals) and a zip tie to secure the capacitor during installation. The capacitor has two wire connections: Red must be connected to the battery +ve terminal and Black must be connected to the battery ground terminal. The BLS capacitor may be installed permanently, or temporarily during a battery issue. Following a start, the engine will run normally even if the motorcycle battery is totally dead, or removed. The electric start will not function when the battery is dead or removed. The weight of the kit is approximately 65g.

Warning- The BLS Capacitor stores electrical charge internally once it has been connected to the motorcycle battery or charging system. If the BLS Capacitor is uninstalled be sure to safely discharge it (E.g. a 12V light bulb could be used) and avoid shorting the cable terminals together.



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